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Pipedrive Sales CRM Consulting Service

Consulting Service

Our certified Pipedrive Sales CRM specialists help companies implement the application by advising on the system architecture and implementation process to help you get started.

Pipedrive Sales CRM Technical Support

Technical Support (Cantonese Speaker).

Although you can select traditional Chinese as the language for your Pipedrive user interface, there is no customer service supported in Chinese. TS Cloud specialists are not only equipped with professional licenses, but can also provide support in the local language (Chinese or Cantonese) to solve your problems quickly.

Pipedrive Sales CRM Online Classroom Training

Online Classroom Training

TS Cloud collects the most common problems users encounter when using Pipedrive Sales CRM and provides pre-recorded training videos with explanations to help you learn the knowledge and skills required to use it in the shortest possible time.

Get a sneak peek at the Pipedrive’s online classroom training video!

Google API Integration
Exclusive Value-Added Services

With exclusive support services and value-added services with Google APIs integration, you can easily get started and make the most of it.

Quote Automation

Pipedrive Sales CRM is integrated with Google API to create quotes directly from Pipedrive with customer information and send them directly to the inbox of the corresponding customer. You just need to prepare the format of the offer in advance, and you can create the offer with one click, which is convenient and fast.

Invoice Automation

Pipedrive Sales CRM integrates with Google API to transfer transaction records in Pipedrive to Google Sheets and then automatically bill through ECPay. This eliminates the need to switch windows and copy and paste, reducing manual copy error rates to 0% and improving efficiency.

Report Automation

Pipedrive Sales CRM integrates with Google API to export sales data to Google Sheets and automatically send the report to the desired inbox at a specified time. You just need to prepare the required format of the email in advance to reduce your time for analyzing the data from scratch.

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